Friday, September 6, 2019 - Hosted by Neo Fertility

Dublin, Ireland
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Phil Boyle, MD

NeoFertility Founder & Director

NeoFertility – New Chart, New Vision
  • Introductory presentation, ethos, chart, 
  • Follow up form, habit helper, WWIT assessment routine
  • NeoFertility Score
  • Pregnancy management LDN, DHEA, Sympathomimetics in pregnancy


Arthur Freda (AJ)

Chief Programmer Spaddlewit Inc.


Neo Fertility App

• Development of the NeoFertility app
• Advantages of using an App for fertility tracking, data analysis, and research


The Virtual Fertility Advisor

How to Streamline your Program with Neo Fertility App & Online Platform

Ágnes Tóth, MD

Neo Fertility Doctor.


Experience of NeoFertility in Dublin

  • Basics of NeoFertility
  • Restorative Reproductive Strategy
  • Case Studies




Panel of Morning Speakers


Phil Boyle, MD

Founder & Director of Neo Fertility

Case presentations.

  • Low AMH and male factor - elevated DFI combined
  • FSH 117iu
  • Ovulation on day 51 and successful pregnancy
  • LIT (Lymphocyte Immune Therapy)
  • KIR treatment
  • Review of practice Data 2015 and 2016

Experience of NeoFertility in California

Lynn Keenan is also a professor of medicine at the University of California, San Francisco Fresno, program director of the Sleep Medicine Fellowship and Vice-President of the IIRRM.

Katarina Grgić, RN, BSC

NeoFertility Advisor.


Experience of a NeoFertility Advisor in Croatia

Katarina Grgić is the founder of FertilityCare Croatia and Natural Fertility (a centre located in Zagreb, Croatia)


Ivana Zečević

NeoFertility Advisor & Fertility Education Director.


Neo Advisors Training Programme 

• Review of course curriculum and training requirements

Phil Boyle, MD, CFCMC

Neo Fertility Founder and Director.

Doctor training. 

  • NaPro / RRM Doctor
  • Neo Doctor book of protocols and treatment
  • NeoFertility Clinic business plan
    • Benefits
    • Commitments
    • Electronic Medical Record
    • Cost
  • Discussion, Questions and Answers (all speakers)


Arthur Freda (AJ)

Chief Programmer Spaddlewit Inc.

Demonstration of the Neo App

This was an additional workshop added during the conference to learn more about the Neo App.  We attempted to stream to the virtual audience.  Presentation currently is raw footage.