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Recordings and slides from the NeoFertility conference held on Sept. 6, 2019, in Dublin, Ireland. An email with an access code and link will be sent immediately after purchase.

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This conference introduces a standardized and scientific medical approach to the treatment and restoration of women's reproductive health conditions and fertility/subfertility.  It explores the new Neo App, experiences from NeoFertility advisors and physicians from different countries, and looked at case studies.  A new training program for advisors coming in the fall of 2020 was also introduced, as well as partnering and training as a NeoFertility physician.

Neo Fertility was based and developed in Dublin, Ireland, and is a new approach to gynecological health and fertility. A combination of fertility indicators such as temperature, mucus, and bleeding are used as well as hormone tracking medication, surgery and lifestyle changes to improve women’s reproductive health and fertility. A standardized and scientific medical approach is used to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of women experiencing premenstrual symptoms, endometriosis, PCOS, PMDD, and infertility/sub-fertility.

Recent research published in 2018 ( showed encouraging rates of successful pregnancies even after repeated failed IVF treatment, and/or recurrent miscarriages. In particular, the cost of treatments such as IVF can be out of reach for many patients wanting to conceive. A previous study in 2008 showed results comparable to ART but offers a much less invasive and less costly approach to patients. Current approaches to treatment in Restorative Reproductive Medicine are not well known in the medical world but offer a less invasive, effective, less costly, and more natural approach to reproductive health.

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*CME/CPD credit of up to 6.0 credits is available through the EACCME (European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education).  EACCME/UEMS has agreements with AMA (American Medical Association) as well as a number of other international authorities.  Evaluations (located at the bottom of the recording page must be complete by Sept 27 to award credit).

Conference/Recording Contact: Kathleen Copeland

Educational Activity Director: Phil Boyle, MD


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