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December Journal Club 2021

Virtual Virtual Webinar

Early pregnancy ultrasound measurements and prediction of first trimester pregnancy loss: A logistic model. Sci Rep 10, 1545 (2020).

This month in RRM journal club Dr. Joseph Stanford examines the article, "Early pregnancy ultrasound measurements and prediction of first-trimester pregnancy loss: A logistic model".  The authors present a statistical model of determining the likelihood of first-trimester pregnancy loss based on ultrasound markers in early pregnancy. Download the article and note-taking sheet ahead of the webinar.

January RRM Journal Club: Unexplained recurrent pregnancy loss and unexplained infertility: twins in disguise

Virtual Virtual Webinar

"Is B-cell CLL/lymphoma 6 (BCL6) endometrial expression, a surrogate biomarker of endometriosis, elevated in women with unexplained recurrent pregnancy loss (uRPL) and unexplained infertility (UI) compared to fertile subjects? - Fox et. al.1

Review the findings of this study in the IIRRM Journal club. What could this study suggest for potential treatment and future investigations for recurrent miscarriage and unexplained pregnancy loss?  -  Download the article ahead of the webinar.

Grand Rounds: The Use and Significance of Semen Analysis for Restorative Reproductive Medicine

Virtual Virtual Webinar

Join Dr Craig Turczynski to discuss the application and significance of semen analysis in RRM, including when a semen analysis be considered for couples trying to conceive and what parameters should be evaluated as well as how to interpret the clinical significance of the results? Dr. Turczynski also looks at what laboratory tests have been abandoned because of ART, that could have an application they could have towards Restorative Reproductive Medicine.