Joining provides you with a network of fellow professionals with an interest in participating and promoting RRM, and supporting research in the field. It also allows you access to some of the top clinicians and researchers in the field.

As a unified group we have the ability to support one another and to work together to make a valuable contribution to this important discipline. We also have the opportunity to ensure that the research advancements being made are published and widely distributed to other professionals and to the public.

Online Continuing Medical Education & Professional Development: 

Restorative Reproductive Medicine Scientific Forum:

  • Occurs annually in conjunction with IIRRM’s Annual General Meeting
  • Forum and conference held in North America, as well as Internationally
  • Opportunity to submit your work/research for a presentation or poster
  • Continuing Medical Education credits 
  • Special rates for members. 
  • View 2017and 2018 RRM Scientific Conference


  • Actively participate in monthly facilitated journal club or case discussions 
  • Grow and partner with the RRM community at annual networking and scientific meetings
  • Engage & network with the RRM community worldwide through our online forum
    • Submit cases for monthly facilitated discussions and get input from colleagues
    • Receive feedback from or offer support to fellow RRM members for your research
    • Dedicated Forum area for NFP teachers


  • Learn about cutting-edge advancements in the field
  • Be linked to the evidence that supports the work you do
  • Participate in International Institute for Restorative Reproductive Medicine sponsored research such as STORRM.
  • Help with IRB (ethics) approval for research projects 
  • Share and engage on your research findings. 

Members-only website access:

  • Patient handouts 
  • Clinical forms for use with patients 
  • Presentations for download 
  • Online forums for further discussion on cases, journal club/research topics, and a dedicated board for NFP teachers 
  • Updates through the website on topics posted on Facebook and Twitter
  • Research and tools for practise
  • Opportunity to post or respond to job postings or advertise your event on our job or events board

General Benefits:

  • Opportunity for Potential patient referrals to members and associates (requires completion of registration application form after the initial membership sign up for practise details)
  • Increased professional recognition 
  • Discounts for conferences & webinars 
  • Access to educational software available for online training sessions or presentations
  • Monthly newsletter bulletins to stay up-to-date with all events, webinars, research updates happening in our RRM community

Launching in 2019:

  • New Website for Professionals followed by a portal for lay members/patients
  • RRM Coach Course
    • will teach NFP/FABM teachers and allied health professionals the skills and foundational competencies to be able to offer health coaching to patients and to work closely with RRM physicians in improving patient outcomes. 
    • Modules include topics such as  nutrition and lifestyle, business logistics, overview of all science FABMs, overview of technology integrations that may support your client, identifying and understanding of conditions such as endometriosis, PCOS, PMDD, and PMS and how to work with a clinician to best support patients in their personal health and fertility goals and psychological impact of infertility on patients, and coaching techniques to motivate and best support patients with their goals
  • RRM Ovulation Induction and Cycle Normalization Course
    • Formal Training in Restorative Reproductive Medicine, using principles and formats standard in university based curriculum 
    • The learning and application of physiologic concepts of reproductive medicine to RRM 
    • Facilitated by an international faculty of RRM professionals 
    • Overview of every cycle charting method guided by method experts

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