Is NaProTechnology (NPT) medicine or surgery?

NPT incorporates both medical and surgical treatments. Medical treatments may include medications, natural (bio-identical) hormones, or vitamins, to normalize ovulation and reproductive function. Some problems require specialized surgery for restoration of reproductive function.

Is NPT experimental?

No. Most of the treatments used in NPT, both medical and surgical, have a long history of use in medicine. All of the medications used have been found to be safe and are on the market in virtually all countries. What is unique about NPT is the use of these therapies with the patient’s charting of the clinical signs [biomarkers] of the fertility cycle. This provides a powerful framework for effective therapy.

Who provides NaProTECHNOLOGY?

Effective NPT is a team effort with three partners: the woman or couple, the Fertility Care Practitioner (teacher), and the NPT physician. Each partner has an essential role.

What is my role in NPT?

Your observation and charting of the clinical signs [biomarkers] of the fertility [menstrual] cycles forms the basis for all evaluation and treatment with NPT. It allows for proper timing of medical tests (such as blood tests and ultrasound) and interpretation of the results.

What is the role of the Fertility Care Practitioner (teacher) in NPT?

The Fertility Care Practitioner (FCP) will teach you the Creighton Model Fertility Care system, which allows you to ‘NaProTrack’ your fertility cycles.  You will see your FertilityCare practitioner regularly during your NaProTechnology treatment to help you keep track of changes in your cycle and progress in your fertility management.

What is the role of the medical consultant in NPT?

The NPT medical consultant has completed specialised training in NaProTechnology. They can interpret the information on your Fertility Care  charts, and use this information in the diagnosis, investigation, treatment and monitoring of your specific medical situation.

How do I get started with NaProTECHNOLOGY?

You will need to see an NPT medical consultant. To identify one near you, please contact us.

How much will it cost to get treatment with NPT?

The costs vary by individual provider. Providers are committed to doing all they can to make treatment available and accessible. Costs for NPT treatment are generally much less than costs for other medical treatments for similar conditions, especially infertility.

I am interested in participating in research (as a patient) in restorative reproductive medicine. How can I help?

Please contact us and we will put you in touch with the IIRRM member closest to you.

How are patients rights protected in IIRRM research protocols?

All IIRRM research protocols are reviewed by appropriate human subjects ethical review boards (Institutional Review Boards for Human Subjects). All physicians and staff participating in IIRRM research protocols are required to undergo basic training in protecting the privacy of patients participating in research. Participation by patients takes place only after informed consent, as reviewed and approved by ethical review boards.