Faculty Disclosure : RRM Live Educational Webinar Series

Grand Rounds, Journal Club, Teacher Series and Research Updates Speakers

Please complete the following form and provide any potential conflicts of interest (or the lack thereof) with regards to your webinar presentation. 

For the purposes of providing unbiased CME, and in accordance with ACCME guidelines, disclosure must be made to the audience indicating any relationships with for‐profit or not‐for‐profit organizations within the past 2 years.  Additionally, if your presentation will include a discussion of investigational uses of a product, drug, or device, that is not yet approved for any purpose, or you plan to include discussion of the off-label use of an approved device, product, or drug we ask the presenter to inform the audience that such a discussion is taking place either verbally or stated in your disclosure slide of your presentation.  

When discussing biopharmaceutical products and medical devices, your educational materials should give a balanced view of therapeutic options. Try and use generic names or descriptions, both verbally and in print. Your material may include trade names (if absolutely necessary to avoid confusion for the learner), but if they are used, those of all similar products must be mentioned rather than that of only a single company. Trade names should be used only at first mention. Please also refrain from using a business or commercial logo in your presentation or zoom background.

If you have any questions or concerns about any of the above or this form please don't hesitate to reach out to Kathleen at kathleen@iirrm.org.  

*Briefly list what those that attend the webinar may learn and/or be able to do after attending your presentation. If you are unsure on how to write learning outcomes for educational presentations visit: https://iirrm.org/writing-learning-outcomes-general-guide/
By signing above, I acknowledge and agree to the above Terms of Acceptance.

IIRRM is a registered provider of continuing medical education (CME) through the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) and the EACCME (European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education) and ensures education we provide meets all requirements of the Standards and Guidelines set out by the ACCME Standards for Commercial Support.

Additional Speaker Resources: 

  1. Information on creating learning objectives, along with example objectives can be downloaded here.
  2. Example disclosure slide for declaring conflicts of interest can be downloaded here.  If you have nothing to disclose, another example slide can be downloaded here.
  3. Example Journal Club Slides are available for download here.