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Latest Webinar Recordings

Journal Club: Reproductive life in women with celiac disease

Review the findings with Dr Joseph Stanford, of a population-based cohort study examining the impact of celiac disease on women's reproductive health from Grode et. al.1 in October's Journal club. "How does celiac disease (CD) influence women’s reproductive life, both prior to and after the diagnosis?" - Download the article before viewing the webinar.

Journal Club: Preliminary Findings of mRNA Covid-19 Vaccine Safety in Pregnant Persons

Dr. Keenan discuss vaccine safety in pregnancy, looking article reporting preliminary data on the safety of messenger RNA (mRNA) Covid-19 vaccines in pregnancy taken from the v-safe surveillance system and pregnancy registry. Oppotunrity to comment and share articles in the RRM Forum.

August Grand Rounds: The role of diet and lifestyle on reproductive health

Prof Sunni Mumford will discuss emerging research investigating the role of vitamin D and other lifestyle and dietary factors on female reproductive health and couple fertility. Dr. Mumford is a reproductive and nutritional epidemiologist and Earl Stadtman Investigator in the Epidemiology Branch of the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development. Her research focuses on modifiable dietary and lifestyle factors across the life course th...

News and Announcements

North American Virtual Conference For RRM 2021

Hosted by the International Institute of Restorative Reproductive Medicine of America (IIRRM-A) Hear the latest updates in research and clinical […]

May Teacher Series: Exploring the relationship between gut microbiome and PCO

What is the association between the gut microbiome and PCOS? What about the impact of the microbiome on health and diseases? Dr. April Lind explores the potential relationship between the gut microbiome and PCO, as well as providing an overall understanding of what exactly is meant by the microbiome and the effect on health and disease. Learn new ways of optimizing treatment for PCO, and share your thoughts on potential options for better treatment and management of this disease in the forum.

17th Annual International Virtual Conference for Restorative Reproductive Medicine

Celebrate 20 years of bringing together a community of medical professionals and supporters who are helping to transform reproductive medicine at the 2020 International RRM Virtual Conference.  Hear the latest developments, innovations, and research in the area of RRM.  Listen to our Fireside Chat in which 6 clinical cases of PCOS were presented, with each presentation highlighting a different science-based method of charting that assists in identifying, managing, and treating a patient with PCOS.