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Latest Webinar Recordings

Practical Application and Integration of the “FEMM app” in Clinical Practice

Danielle Koestner, MD presents the practical application and use of the Fertility Education and Medical Management (FEMM) app in clinical practice, followed by a discussion. FEMM is an app and fertility management tool that is free to download, and teaches women how to monitor hormonal activity and identify ovulation, to manage both health and fertility.

Grand Rounds: A Comparison of Standard (ART) versus Restorative Reproductive Medicine (RRM)

Dr. Whittaker reviews the success rates and limitations of ART and the treatments offered by the NaProTechnology (a version of restorative reproductive medicine) as well as its limitations. Develop an understanding of both approaches and better understand the impact on a societal level of ART.

May Journal Club: Dopamine, vascular permeability, and inflammation as relates to endometrium, pelvic pain, and pregnancy loss

Dr. Carpentier shares his experience with and looks into the science behind the use of dexamphetamine treatment as a novel off-label treatment for a number of female chronic disorders that do not respond well to conventional therapy including recurrent pregnancy loss, inflammation, and ongoing pain.    The primary article of focus for this journal club, "The neurotransmitter dopamine modulates vascular permeability in the endothelium", along with a list of references can be downloaded to accompany the webinar.

News and Announcements

17th Annual International Virtual Conference for Restorative Reproductive Medicine

Celebrate 20 years of bringing together a community of medical professionals and supporters who are helping to transform reproductive medicine at the 2020 International RRM Virtual Conference.  Hear the latest developments, innovations, and research in the area of RRM.  Listen to our Fireside Chat in which 6 clinical cases of PCOS were presented, with each presentation highlighting a different science-based method of charting that assists in identifying, managing, and treating a patient with PCOS.

RRM Research Updates: Hormonal monitoring of the menstrual cycle, with comparison to ultrasound

Presented by Professor Leonard F. Blackwell, Massey University, New Zealand, Dr. Blackwell was trained in organic chemistry, biochemistry and reproductive physiology. He studied under Professor James Brown at the University of Melbourne in the physiology of ovulation and in the development of the Fertility Meter, a device for monitoring ovarian activity in all its manifestations and one of the only true quantitative point-of-care devices in existence.  For the past 36 years, Len was involved in the research and development of urinary assays as point-of-care diagnostic kits and recently with quantitative immune-chromatographic assays. Sadly, Dr. Blackford passed away in late 2020.

North American Virtual Conference for RRM 2020

Access to recordings and slides from this year's North American Conference and Annual meeting for RRM are now available. Held on July 22, 2020 "virtually", we are grateful to everyone—including the attendees, speakers, and facilitators—who made the conference a success. We heard from Amy Beckley, PhD, on the power of testing progesterone urine metabolites, Dr. Patrick Yeung on endometriosis adhesion prevention, and Dr. Joe Stanford on STORRM as well as a number of new RRM research abstracts. While we couldn't meet physically we enjoyed the opportunity to see everyone virtually. Conference attendees receive free access to recordings and slides.