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Anna Saucier

Presented by Anna Saucier, FCP, BA. 


Whether you’re operating as a volunteer or a business, learn how to intentionally steward your resources and relationships for soul-aligned service & impact!

Are you struggling to build a sustainable practice?  Whether you are looking for a few tips to tweak your business model or need to tear down and rebuild your model join us Wednesday in this one-hour webinar.  Learn tips to evaluate and create a model and pricing method that is sustainable for your health and clients. With hands on activities hop on zoom this Weds with Anna Saucier and your IIRRM host!

Join Anna Wednesday for

1) Define whether you are running a volunteer practice or a business practice and the sustainability factors necessary for each
2) The keys to clear, healthy boundaries for the resources and relationships in your practice
3) Learn how to use The Pricing Method to develop pricing for your services that feels good to you and your potential clients

This webinar is approved for 1.00 Online Only, Live AAFP Prescribed Credit*.

Register here. A link to join the webinar will be emailed after registering.



Anna Saucier was trained as a Creighton Model FertilityCare Practitioner in 2014, with a deep desire to help others navigate health and cycle challenges after her own 7 years of infertility. After giving birth to two amazing, independent children, she has transitioned to serving as an online business strategist & coach for those who are on the ground shifting the tide of health and wellness care. She works with FABM teachers, fertility coaches, medical professionals, and other advocates to build a foundation for sustainable business growth, without hustle and burnout.

Anna is a APD-Accredited Certified Online Business Consultant and Professionally-Trained Mindset Coach

She lives with her family in central Mexico.


Anna Saucier

Anna Saucier

Certified Online Business Consultant

Continuing Medical Education Credits and Activity Information :

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