Discover healing and hope through Restorative Reproductive Medicine (RRM).

Held alongside our Global Summit in 2022, our Public Forums drew patients and the community together online along with leading experts in RRM (Reproductive Restorative Medicine) to learn about the emerging field of RRM.  Together they heard patient stories and discussed proven techniques for treating a wide range of reproductive and women's health conditions including PCOS, PMS, PMDD, recurrent miscarriage and infertility.   


You can hear how health and hope are restored to many through this approach to reproductive medicine which focuses on diagnosing, treating and working with the patient.  Listen to each of the forums below. 


All Forums included question time with board members and experts in Restorative Reproductive Medicine from across the globe.

Forum 1: "Restore Hope"

Hosted by the Australasian Institute for Restorative Reproductive Medicine (AIRRM)


What is a restorative approach to addressing infertility, fertility and miscarriage?  How can RRM help couples conceive and what can I expect? What would my journey look like with an RRM doctor?  And ultimately if it is "natural" how effective can RRM really be?  

We answer these questions and hear from real patient experiences.  Attendees also learn the benefits of cycle charting and view chart examples with the opportunity to participate in an open Q & A with the Australian physician panel. 

Restoring Hope to Couples with Infertility

MC: Dr. Gabriel James, Queensland, Australia.


What is RRM?  - Dr. Catherine Peterson. Adelaide, South Australia.


Applying Fertility Awareness to Cycle Charting - Amanda Bowen B.Ed, Grad Dip. Theol. St: Marriage & Family Senior Accredited Teacher, Billings Ovulation Method® Perth, Australia


Patient Experiences and Testimonies: with thanks to Dr James and all patients and couples who participated in sharing their experiences.


Q&A with Physician Panel :

Luke McLindon, MBBS, FRACGP, FRANZCOG, NFPMC. Mater Hosptial. Brisbane, Australia.

Gabriel James, MSc, MBBS, DRANZCOG. Queensland, Australia.

Catherine Peterson, MBBS, FRACGP, CFCMC.  Adelaide, South Australia.

Forum 2: "What's the Difference?"

Hosted by the International Institute for Restorative Reproductive Medicine (IIRRM)

  • What is the difference? between ART/IVF and RRM? 
  • Can RRM help me conceive and where is the research?
  • What are the pros and cons of each approach?
  • I have failed IVF multiple times, so is there really any hope in trying RRM?
  • A Case Presentation, from Dr. Phil Boyle, Neo Fertility.

Restorative Reproductive Medicine (RRM) vs Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART)



Phil Boyle, MD, Dublin, Ireland.
Joseph Stanford, MD, MSPH, Utah, USA.
Tracey Parnell, MD, Cranbrook, Canada.
Paul Carpentier, MD, New York, USA.

Forum 3: "Restore Health"

Hosted by the International Institute for Restorative Reproductive Medicine of America (IIRRMA)

Learn how RRM can treat and manage a variety of women's health conditions, including PCOS, PMS, PMD, and PMDD. The reproductive healthcare team focuses on resolving the root cause and isolating the key imbalances that are responsible for the symptoms. In partnership with the patient, RRM doctors diagnose and treat to restore your health and resolve your symptoms. 

RRM doctors take a personalized, integrative and often multi-discipline approach to treatment that empowers both women and men to understand and care for their health.  Patients learn to appreciate how healthy reproductive health leads to improved overall health and well-being.

Listen after to an open Q & A with the American (IIRRMA) physician panel.

Restoring Health and Improving Lives: How RRM can help PCOS, PMS, PMDD & PPD



Eddie Fleming, MD. New Jersey, USA

Lynn Keenan, MD, California, USA.

 April Lind, MD, Minnesota, USA. 

Restoring Health. Restoring Hope.

One of the keys to successful Reproductive Medical treatment is a focus on genuine collaboration between the clinician and the patient, as well as focussing on diagnosing the root cause of your symptoms, whether it is related to fertility, reproductive health or overall health.  Restorative Reproductive Medicine is not limited to medical treatment but incorporates specialized surgical and interventionist techniques as well.


Patients quickly become empowered and take an active role in their health in RRM.  Women chart their cycles which provides a basis for investigations and treatments. The chart allows the couple to objectively assess the impact of interventions; the clinician combines this information with results from timed tests, including labs and ultrasound, to further refine and personalize the RRM treatment. 

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