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This year join us virtually to hear the latest developments, innovations, and research in the area of RRM (Restorative Reproductive  Medicine).  The morning will consist of a formal conference program delivered by lead RRM experts and abstract presenters.  After lunch we will open up multiple breakout sessions (small virtual group rooms) to provide a friendly platform for interaction between experts in RRM, those passionate about RRM, and those just learning or new to this approach.

While we can’t physically meet this year, we can still create dedicated scientific networking environments, as well as enhance and support knowledge and clinical practice in the field of RRM.

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Master of Ceremonies (MC) : Edward Fleming, MD.  Vice-President, IIRRMA.

Morning Star Family Health Center, New Jersey, USA.


Keynote Speakers:

The diagnostic power of testing progesterone urine metabolites

Amy Beckley, PhD (Pharmacology), MBA. Colorado, USA.

Amy Beckley has studied hormone signaling for over 20 years. She is the Founder and CEO of MFB Fertility, Inc. Her team commercialized the first and only FDA-cleared home urine progesterone metabolite (PDG) testing kit. Proov Tests have helped over 20,000 women confirm ovulation from the comfort of their home.


Adhesion Prevention in Fertility Restoring Surgery.

Patrick Yeung, MD, FACOG.  North Carolina, USA.

Dr. Yeung is an associate professor in the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology, & Women’s Health, Division of Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery, at Saint Louis University School of Medicine.  He specializes in a minimally invasive surgical technique called optimal laser excision (LAPEX) to treat endometriosis,  and research interests include improving fertility, quality of life and pain following surgery.


Keeping the STORRM vision alive

Joseph Stanford, MD, MSPH, Director of the Office of Cooperative Reproductive Health and Professor in the Department of Family Preventive Medicine, University of Utah, USA.  IIRRM Board of Directors


Selected Abstract Presentations:

Reporting non-recommended use of condoms and withdrawal in a study of a natural system of family planning. 

Presenting Author: Daniel Opoku Agyemang, Doctoral Student, University of Utah, USA.  Co-Authors: Shahpar Najmabadi. PhD., Joseph Stanford, MD, MSPH, CFCMC.

Recent use of oral contraceptives and menstrual cycle characteristics 

Presenting Author: Shahpar Najmabadi. PhD. University of Utah, Department of Family and Preventive Medicine, Salt Lake City, USA.  Co-Author: Joseph Stanford, MD, MSPH.

Robotic Assisted Laparoscopic Tubal Anastomosis: Single Institution Analysis

Presenting Author: William Nolan, Medical Doctor, Sisters of Charity Hospital, Buffalo, NY
Co-Author: Ali Ghomi MD

Exploring a restorative and multidisciplinary approach to treatment in an Australian hospital-based fertility clinic 

Presenting Author: Gabriel James, BSc MSc MBBS, University of Queensland PhD student.

Co-Authors: Luke McLindon, MBBS, FRANZCOG, Joshua Hutch, MBBS.

Breakout Sessions & Afternoon Networking

Following the formal conference program we will open up multiple virtual rooms, acting as informal conference breakout sessions that include:

  • Case discussions
  • Use of botanicals in RRM
  • Research brainstorming/collaboration
  • FABM educators networking
  • Incorporating RRM into medical education

We hope virtual face-to-face interactions can still serve to support, connect and build the RRM community.