Pregnancy Outcomes From a Single Restorative Reproductive Medicine Centre


Gabriel James BSc, MSc, MBBS, DRANZCOG; Luke McLindon, MBBS, FRANZCOG; Joshua Hutch, MBBS

Abstract: Infertility is a significant problem with multiple complex causes and a corresponding array of therapeutic options. In an era of increasing assisted reproductive treatments, few studies examine the role of holistic treatment approaches to address underlying behavioural, lifestyle and medical issues. This case series explores such a ‘restorative’ approach in 162 couples that attended an Australian, hospital-based, multidisciplinary fertility clinic between 2005 and 2010. The crude and adjusted live birth rates for all couples were 35.4% and 71% respectively over a 24-month analysis period. Couples with an unexplained infertility diagnosis demonstrated crude and adjusted live birth rates of 43.2% and 94.1% respectively. This observational data represents useful prognostic information for diverse couples exploring early treatment options and may inform further studies into restorative care.


Gabriel James BSc, MSc, MBBS, University of Queensland PhD student.

Gabriel James, BSc MSc MBBS, is an advanced trainee in obstetrics and gynaecology at the Mater Hospital in Brisbane, Australia. He is a doctoral candidate exploring methods to enhance natural conception at the University of Queensland.