Instructions and requirements for submitting and presenting research abstracts

International Institute for Restorative Reproductive Medicine

North American Regional RRM Conference

July 22, 2020*

*Current date may be subject to change and will notify you of any updates in the coming weeks


An Interactive & Virtual Live Conference – Due to the evolving COVID-19  pandemic we will be 100% online this year.  We are taking measures to improve our streaming and sound capabilities as well as looking at new ways for participant interactivity.


1. Abstracts are welcome in any area relevant to Restorative Reproductive Medicine. Restorative Reproductive Medicine seeks to understand, restore, and support the natural processes of human reproduction and excludes interventions that suppress, destroy, or circumvent normal human reproduction. Specific areas of interest include:

  • fertility awareness
  • infertility
  • integrated systems of restorative reproductive medicine
  • reproductive endocrinology
  • andrology
  • reproductive epidemiology
  • reproductive anatomy and physiology
  • psychosocial dimensions of human reproduction
  • research comparing restorative and non-restorative approaches to reproductive medicine
  • other topics relevant to restorative reproductive medicine

2.  Abstracts may be of original research, systematic literature reviews, theoretical development, systematic clinical observation, or clinical quality improvement. Abstracts should reflect work that is completed or in process, but is not yet published.

3.  All abstracts must be received no later than  June 1,  2020 at 12am GMT 

4.  Abstracts are limited to a maximum of 500 words, including the title. The only identifier in the abstract text should be the title (no authors or affiliations). Abstracts should not contain charts, diagrams, or tables.

5.  All abstracts must be submitted using the online abstract submission system. Receipt of abstracts will be acknowledged by email.

6.  You will receive an acknowledgement of your abstract submission immediately after submission on the IIRRM website. If you do not receive anything, please send an email to to make sure we have received your abstract.

7.  Each abstract is reviewed blindly and will be judged for scientific quality, innovation, and relevance to and consistency with a restorative approach to reproductive medicine.

8.  Notification of acceptance or rejection will be sent by 7 June 2020.

9.  If your abstract is accepted, you will be asked to submit a current biosketch, 100 words or less, by June 15, 2020 for publication in the program and the IIRRM website.

10.  All abstracts which are accepted may be printed in the program booklet or paper or electronic handouts for the meeting. Additionally, the abstracts may be posted on the website of the International Institute for Restorative Reproductive Medicine.

11.  All presenters (podium and poster) must register for the conference and pay the meeting registration fee.

12.  If your abstract is accepted for a podium presentations, you will need to complete and sign a speaker disclosure form including disclosure of any potential conflicts of interest.

13.  The podium presentations will be 15 minutes in length, followed by 5 minutes for questions and answers.

14.  The research posters will be displayed online and the presenter can provide a write up or short explanation to accompany the poster.  We will additionally schedule one poster for display on the webinar screen at each break, and invite the presenter to be available for questions at this time and/or provide a contact where they can be reached for discussion from participants by email or phone (which ever avenue of communication is preferred).

If you have additional questions, please contact:

April Lind, MD, President of the IIRRM-A

or Kathleen Copeland, IIRRM Secretariat