Kimberly Bigelow-Flannery, MD.

Dr. Bigelow-Flannery holds B.S. in biology from University of MN Duluth and completed medical school at University of North Dakota with emphasis in rural health graduation 2006.  She completed her family family medicine residency at the University of MN at St Joseph’s hospital in St Paul MN in 2009.  

Her passion for NFP and natural procreative technology was first lit in 2000 when She first learned about the Creighton Model of fertility awareness from Dr James Craig, the first NFP only physician in North Dakota. She then did a rotation with Dr Thomas Hilgers as a 4th year medical student and realized this was the only way to treat women’s health issues. She has worked in full spectrum family medicine with obstetrics since 2009 for Fairview Range Regional Mesaba clinic and hospital with special emphasis in Women’s health and functional Medicine. She has furthered her training in ethics with the national catholic bioethics center in their year long program. Aside from medicine, She recently married in 2018 and loves traveling with her husband, being outdoors and thrives on loving on her 14 nieces and nephews and 9 godchildren.

Dr. Lind & Dr. Bigelow-Flannery present on the “Affecting the epigenetic landscape of common reproductive health conditions by affecting estrogen metabolism through lifestyle and the microbiome” . This talk provides participants with a novel framework for looking at causes and treatments for common womens reproductive health issues, discusses how to use the condition PCO and endometriosis as a model to think about how disease may arise, and to identify what environmental triggers may play a role as well as current medical treatments.  The presentation hopes to teach the audience how the metabolism of hormones is effected by gut microbiome health and discuss its impact on typical reproductive diseases of women, and useful measures to impact positive changes.