The International Institute for RRM is pleased to support international research in all aspects of Restorative Reproductive Medicine. We are pleased to be endorsing the following clinical trials:

  1. Pregnancy Achieving Trial (PATrial 1) for patients with infertility and a normal luteal phase.
  2. Pregnancy Achieving Trial (PATrial 2) for patients with infertility and an identified luteal phase defect.
  3. Pregnancy Achieving Trial (PATrial 3) for patients with infertility and an anovulatory menstrual cycle.
  4. Stop Threatened Outcomes with Progesterone (STOP Trial)  for patients who present in early pregnancy with a threatened miscarriage.

The PATrials use use symptothermal and fertilty-awareness based methods as the foundation for their medical interventions.

They are Ethics Review Board approved, double blinded randomized controlled trials. Read more about the PAT and STOP trials here:

PMTrial Protocol

PMT Research flyer


Have a proposal or ongoing project for IIRRM endorsement?  Send us an email.