VitaeCME Conflicts of Interest Form for CME Activities

Policy and Procedures for Full Disclosure and Identification and Resolution of Conflicts of Interest


Please review Vitae CME's conflict of interest policy, and fill out the form below.  When preparing your presentation please ensure the second slide declares any conflicts of interest (or lack thereof) listed below with the audience.  Example slides can be provided on request.

If you have any questions or concerns with this form or questions around potential or actual conflicts of interest don't hesitate to reach out to VitaeCME faculty, Kathleen Copeland, or Dr. Martin Owen.

The intent of disclosing the above is not to prohibit or limit the exchange of views in scientific and educational discussions, including discussions of unapproved uses, but to ensure that faculty discloses to learners that such discussion will take place.
* A member of the faculty will contact you to work within these limitations if this option is selected.