Code of Ethics


Members of the International Institute for Restorative Reproductive Medicine agree to:


  1. Provide or promote treatments that seek to cooperate with or restore normal or optimal functioning of the human reproductive system.
  2. Avoid all treatments that seek to suppress, circumvent, or destroy functioning of the human reproductive system.
  3. Demonstrate a respect for the value and integrity of the human organism from its inception as a single cell organism (fertilization) through to its natural death.
  4. Support and comply with appropriate scientific standards for research activities.
  5. Protect the rights of research subjects, including obtaining informed consent as required by each protocol.
  6. When participating in Institute-approved clinical surveillance or research protocols, follow the protocols as outlined.
  7. Practice within appropriate scope of clinical training and licensure (if applicable).
  8. Exercise good professional judgment in research activities, clinical services and business practices.
  9. Keep research protocols approved by the Institute conceptually and operationally separate from all research activities not approved by the Institute.
  10. Represent only Institute-approved protocols and activities as being connected with the Institute.