Clinical Tools

Below is a list of useful downloads for use by clinicians in RRM practice.  We are always looking and working to update and add to these resources, and encourage physicians to share any clinical tools they have found useful in practice.

If you have any resources or tool that you have found useful in clinical practice you can suggest them my emailing Kathleen here, or share in our member's forum area.


Click on the links below to access the files:

Complete Hormone Evaluation Letter

Fertility Intake and History Form 

Day 3 of menstrual Cycle Labs

Follicle Tracking Request Form

Ultrasound Follicular Tracking (Spreadsheet)

General Treatment Information for Couples on NAPRO treatment

Targeted HCG Treatment Schedule Information Sheet

HCG Injections

Instructions for Seminal Fluid Collection

Insulin Resistance Blood Tests

The Use of Femara (Letrozole) for Infertility Information and Consent

Mucus Scoring

Estradiol 17 beta days

Peak Plus 7 Protocol

Peak Plus 17 Protocol

PMS Questionnaire

PMS Symptom Table

Request for Follicular Tracking

Ultrasound Follicular Tracking Protocol