New research suggests poor sleep results in lower sperm counts.

A Danish study looking at 953 young men in Copenhagen have found an interesting correlation between sleep disruption and lower sperm concentrations. This is a particularly interesting study for industrialized countries where sleep disturbances are commonly reported. It also provides the RRM practitioner with another tool to incorporate into their infertility assessment and treatment. It also opens up a very interesting area of study for RRM researchers. Abstract Several studies have found an association between sleep duration and morbidity and mortality, but no previous studies have examined the association between sleep disturbances and semen quality. We conducted a cross-sectional study […]

IIRRM Endorsed Paper Published:Marquette Method

In JABFM:  Efficacy of a new postpartum transition protocol for avoiding pregnancy. Dr. Thomas Bouchard, an RRM physician with a particular expertise in the Marquette Method, has published an exciting new protocol to help women who wish to avoid pregnancy during the post-partum period. This study outlines a protocol that can be readily implemented in a physician’s office and offers women and their physicians some additional tools to use to help with post-partum family planning. Abstract INTRODUCTION: The postpartum period is a challenging time for family planning, especially for women who breastfeed. Breastfeeding delays the return of menses (lactational amenorrhea), but […]