Grand Rounds: Endometriosis: Where are we? Where are we going?

Presented by Dr. Manuel Donoso, Gynaecologist, and Head of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department at the Universidad de los Andes in Chile. This webinar will provide updates on the diagnosis and evaluation of endometriosis, and provide current treatment options for the disease. Are there possibilities to prevent endometriosis? This webinar was presented live in Spanish with simultaneous English translation.

Journal Club: International Natural Procreative Technology Evaluation and Surveillance of Treatment for Subfertility (iNEST): enrollment and methods

This new research, International Natural Procreative Technology Evaluation and Surveillance of Treatment for Sub-fertility (iNEST) : enrollment and methods  sponsored by the IIRRM, and involving multiple IIRRM members, was published earlier this year.  “iNEST” worked to establish and build more robust outcomes research for Restorative Reproductive Medicine, and was the first multi-clinic multinational study published for Restorative Reproductive Medicine (and specifically for NaProTechnology).  Dr. Joseph Stanford presents this work alongside some of the co-authors involved in the study.

Impact of COVID on Fertility charts: A basis of research

What observations and effects could Covid-19 infection or Covid-19 vaccination have on women’s cycles?  What observed menstrual changes are seen in women’s charts during this time, and how long do these persist?  How could further data be collected for further research? View this Grand Rounds to explore early data observing the effects of covid 19, as well as the Covid 19 vaccination, on women’s cycle charts.

September Teacher Series: How to Create a Sustainable FABM Practice

Are you struggling to build a sustainable practice?  Whether you’re operating as a volunteer or a business, learn how to intentionally steward your resources and relationships for soul-aligned service & impact!  Learn tips to evaluate and create a model and pricing method that is sustainable for both your health and clients. This webinar includes time for hands-on activities and access to Anna’s pricing method.

May Grand Rounds: Restorative Surgery

Dr. Patrick Yeung reviews the differences between ART/IVF and Restorative Reproductive Medicine (RRM) and the importance to offer alternatives to IVF to patients.  Current surgical approaches and factors to consider in timing a laparoscopy for suspected endometriosis.

Dr. José Antonio and Dr. Stanford facilitate Q & A following the presentation.

March Grand Rounds: Endoscopic management of the unexplained infertility, what does it add?

Professor Stephan Gordts presents a systematic minimal invasive exploration of so-called “unexplained infertility” (normal ultrasound/normal HSG) reveals the presence of pelvic pathology on 50-70 % of patients. In the absence of other fertility impairing factors, like male infertility, he looks at the different treatments of these pathologies to create the possibilities for normal conception.