April Lind, MD

April Lind is a board certified in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics. She has completed her Functional Medicine coursework with the Institute of Functional Medicine, is a certified Creighton FertilityCare Medical Consultant as well as a FEMM Medical Consultant. She practices primary care with a focus in womens health in Maple Grove, MN.

Dr. Lind & Dr. Bigelow-Flannery present on the "Affecting the epigenetic landscape of common reproductive health conditions by affecting estrogen metabolism through lifestyle and the microbiome" . This talk provides participants with a novel framework for looking at causes and treatments for common womens reproductive health issues, discusses how to use the condition PCO and endometriosis as a model to think about how disease may arise, and to identify what environmental triggers may play a role as well as current medical treatments.  The presentation hopes to teach the audience how the metabolism of hormones is effected by gut microbiome health and discuss its impact on typical reproductive diseases of women, and useful measures to impact positive changes.