Katarina Grgić

Katarina Grgić received her Bachelor’s degree in nursing and certified as a CrM FertilityCare practitioner in 2005. Since then she has been actively teaching and coordinating treatment for infertility and other women's health issues in cooperation with different doctors and other professionals, including with Neo Fertility. She has done many outreach presentations and articles about NFP and restorative reproductive treatments throughout Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. She is the Founder of FertilityCare Croatia-the crown organisation of FertilityCare practitioners which was built in 2008. She is the founder and leader of center called Natural Fertility located in Zagreb, Croatia. Recently this center organised the first symposium for all NFP providers in Croatia (Billings, Creighton, Femm, Neo).  She is now integrating Neo Fertility into her practice with the mission to give the best care to her clients and make fertility awareness methods and restorative treatments broadly known and available.  Dr. Grgic is married and the mother of four children.